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Sweet Tragedy in 4 chapters

Sweet Tragedy in 4 chapters

girl with violin


Tears were rolling down Nina’s face and the fact that she had learned so much so far in her life did not comfort her. Now she understood, now she could have made a relationship work and have love grow like the never ending patterns of icy rosettes appearing on the frozen window where she was sitting and sadly following the distant tracks of a white rabbit hopping across the snowy fields of the Latvian landscape outside her home.


Steamy clouds had escaped with their words as they couldn’t stop telling each other stories of their lives. Nina had pulled her best friend closer as they were walking arm in arm feeling rare and warm tenderness because Kintija was visiting town after surviving an illness that had taken her years to overcome. I am so glad to be back in your life, Kintija had just exclaimed, and Nina had known then and there that she would not be able to confess to her friend that she was in love with Viktor.


It had been the night before when the three of them had met, Nina, Kintija and Kintija’s lover Viktor who had happily filled Nina in on what he had been doing so far with his life and where he came from, facts, that made Nina suddenly remembered a childhood sweetheart which she mentioned to the others. While she had been recollecting and talking about her memories and as she had looked at Viktor in rising confusion, it was that spark of recognition that had lit Viktor’s eyes with daunting questions that had affirmed Nina : yes, its him !


The world turned on Nina and she ran with the greatest delight after the white rabbit who had called out for her to follow along to a forbidden gate where Nina could pass through and then follow one of many paths that would take her back to the age of 12, the exact age she had been when Viktor had taught her the first tunes on the violin. Nina knew that this time she would be able to hold on to true love and waited impatiently for school to start where Viktor would sit next to her again. And later, very much later, there would be no secret between her and her dear friend Kintija.



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