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Arrested Bloggers

Vietnam arrests blogger for ‘law-violating’ activities

nguyen-quang-lapThis is a file photo of blogger and writer Nguyen Quang Lap who was arrested Saturday 

Nguyen Quang Lap, an award-winning Vietnamese writer and native to the north-central province of Quang Binh, ran the popular Que Choa (Dad’s Homeland) blog.

He had graduated from the University of Hanoi, as a radio engineer. But he choose to pursue a writing literature career. He was the scriptwriter of a number of Vietnamese movies that won both international and local prizes.He also has the pseudonym Hong Japan, Hong Duc Quang Quang.

Nguyen Quang Lap join the army from 1980 – 1985, the army air defense missile Air Force, stationed in Cai Bau Island (Quang Ninh), then moved to Da Nang, Quang Nam.

Some of his early works were written during this period. He always defined his audience aged 25 years and older and with a high education who watch his movies for brooding and reflection rather than just pure entertainment.

Nguyen Quang Lap, 58, was taken into custody on Saturday 7th Decfor “law-violating” activities. as police combed his house in District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ministry of Public Security said in a statement on the same day.

In an interview with the BBC, Mr Nguyen Quang Lap wife, Mrs. Ho Thi Hong, said that her husband was caught by police while he was paralyzed and needed treatment. Further she said to have been told that the investigations against her husband may take up to 3 years. She and his brother said police had accused him of publishing articles that went against the authorities. For publishing criticism of the Communist government on his blog.

HCMC police are launching further probes into his “law-violating” activities to deal with bloggers in accordance with the law, a statement said without elaborating.

On November 29, the HCMC police said they had detained blogger Hong Le Tho, 65, who ran the Nguoi Lot Gach (Brick Layer) blog, for posting “bad and distorted content” about the state, discrediting the state and undermining the public confidence in it.

Unlike many bloggers detained in the past, Mr Lap is part of the mainstream of Vietnamese literature, regularly appearing on state media and winning state-backed prizes.


The Communist party maintains close control over Vietnam’s media

His blog is accused to serve as a platform where he and his friends express sometimes critical views about Vietnam.

The one-party state is often criticized by rights groups for its intolerance of dissent.

Protests are rare in Vietnam and the mainstream media are state-run and heavily regulated.

However, the internet has emerged as a forum for criticizing the authorities.

The press freedom group,
Reporters without Borders,
says Vietnam has 34 bloggers in prison.






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I trust in the existence of a beautiful world – a poem


I trust in the existence of a beautiful world


on a silver night’s dream

jasmin-scented and velvet

feelings of a gentle breeze caress the moon

and fairies beckon me with their pairs of wings


fairy wings


silvery leaves hum sweet melodies

and the song of insects talk of affection

earthly silence surrounds this glistening bliss

it is peaceful and serene


in this stary night of brilliant rapture

all I hear is the language of true eternal love

pojected not by words but by mesmerizing sounds

played with the filaments of hearts themselves


as soon as my soul may be complete and filled

with plenty of this luscious shining beauty

I would be free to continue home

with a ray of this light in my own affluent heart


this light given to me as a keepsake

by miraculous fairies with quivering wings

telling me to pass on what I myself cannot keep

so other’s hearts may also beam with this special light of love


I hide this light into my smile

and that is how I pass it on

let others feel the love of pure nights

sending their delightful dream


and that is how this enchanting light

will reach your heart

that is when you too can touch it

shining and reflected on the face of other’s


very free translation and adaptation of an idea after a poem by Természetes Gyógymódok


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