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Those Love Hearts

I’m going to have a heart attack

I’m so excited

so happy

if only I could jump higher

if only my tail would wag faster

sssh sssh


I must calm myself

lay on my back and….

no not today

today you let me be part of your post

if only I could run in circles faster

you know

I’m so proud of you

so happy

no matter what you write

I just love you

love you love you

if only my eyes would shine

as bright as the stars

ssssh ssssh


that last post you wrote

is so interesting

and I loved it

when we listened to the heart sutra

at least 15 times in a row

I felt so good

laying at your feet

your feet I would follow anywhere

and those love hearts

that’s how I feel about you

I love you I love you so much

and dinner last night

was excellent I thank you so much

I kiss your ankle

I want to jump all around you

jump up into your lap

ssssh sssssh




a rainbow




where rainbows end

is where I will dance

with you

holding hands


into an eternity

of love


image: myPress


see here which one coloured object other people would keep


Precious Life


give me my breath

precious breath


it’s o.k.

you don’t have to

think about it

let go

and breathe

turn your back

and walk away

it’s in the past

can’t come back

don’t come back


it’s o.k.

precious peace


calm down

give me my flowers

precious flowers

smell the roses

feel the sun

no need to

bring it up

it won’t come back

don’t come back


it’s o.k.

i’m with you

it’s o.k.

to have been burned out

i’m here

right here

precious life


I trust in the existence of a beautiful world – a poem


I trust in the existence of a beautiful world


on a silver night’s dream

jasmin-scented and velvet

feelings of a gentle breeze caress the moon

and fairies beckon me with their pairs of wings


fairy wings


silvery leaves hum sweet melodies

and the song of insects talk of affection

earthly silence surrounds this glistening bliss

it is peaceful and serene


in this stary night of brilliant rapture

all I hear is the language of true eternal love

pojected not by words but by mesmerizing sounds

played with the filaments of hearts themselves


as soon as my soul may be complete and filled

with plenty of this luscious shining beauty

I would be free to continue home

with a ray of this light in my own affluent heart


this light given to me as a keepsake

by miraculous fairies with quivering wings

telling me to pass on what I myself cannot keep

so other’s hearts may also beam with this special light of love


I hide this light into my smile

and that is how I pass it on

let others feel the love of pure nights

sending their delightful dream


and that is how this enchanting light

will reach your heart

that is when you too can touch it

shining and reflected on the face of other’s


very free translation and adaptation of an idea after a poem by Természetes Gyógymódok


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