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The Beautiful Barmaid

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There is talk about a beautiful barmaid who used to help out in her Aunt and Uncle’s bar at the Oldman’s Ferry Inn on the Larchburry River.

When the music was good and her mood heightened by the atmosphere of laughter in the drunken air she would often leave the counter and the fridge with the cold drinks behind and mix in with the crowd and dance with the men. These escapades came to a sudden end when an unusual sickness called her to an early grave.

According to many eyewitnesses however she was seen dancing at the pub the very same night of her funeral.

Ever since then, so tell many good folks on the Larchburry River, young men had claimed to have been dancing with her on occasions when the atmosphere in the pub was filled with plenty of loud laughter and music, when the wine was flowing strong and the air was filled with thick smoke.

A frightening event occurred a few years after her death. The locals don’t like to talk about it and the memory of the beautiful barmaid is now kept a haunting secret. It happened on All Hollow’s Eve. A few young men had been decorating the Inn’s public garden with images of scary ghosts and pumpkin lanterns. When they had finished and were tipsy with wine, they demanded to dance with the barmaid who, that night, had not appeared.

Nobody could say anymore who exactly had started it but the young men came up with an ominous idea not too long before midnight. They broke the gates and entered the grounds of the cemetery and stole the headstone of the barmaid’s resting place. They carried it back to the pub and continued dancing in delirious rage.

What happened next was a matter of horror and in the Vicar’s detailed chronicles of that year the following entry can be found: “I was called to the pub by Mrs. Oldman in the middle of the night. When I arrived I assumed the devil was loose! Evil looking pumpkin lanterns were flickering in the dark and the breeze had puffed up the ghosts. A group of young drunkards had been dancing around a gravestone they had stolen from the churchyard. Then, at stroke midnight, a burning hand had appeared. The burning hand kept pointing at each of the loiterers one by one and then pointed into the distance. The frightened souls were whimpering and sobbing with tears in their eyes believing themselves to be doomed to die. I had to shout to be heard and ordered them to return the stone immediately. The burning hand followed them. As soon as the headstone was placed in its original socket the burning hand disappeared.”

Still today on Halloween ghosts ride the wind, pumpkin eyes glow to scare and eerie shrieks are heard at the Oldman’s Ferry Inn and no local would leave their house to wander the dark night. The barmaid has never been seen again.



Hidden and Forbidden

I am a researcher of the cosmos with a main interest in a new astrological sign of the zodiac I have discovered. Therefore I shall not create a new sign based on myself but submit my conclusions of this new star-sign from a hidden part of our imaginary belt of zodiacs in the starry firmament.

The Chimera

1 mythology.wikia conm

The chimera is a unique and elusive constellation in our circle of zodiac and can be found hiding behind any of the astrological constellations. Only entities ‘born’ either on February 30, the rarest possibility; October 31, Halloween; or during the seventh lunar month, especially during the Hungry Ghost Festival, can be found to live under this celestial pattern. During these rare occasions the gates of hell are open for wild spooky creatures to haunt earth.

A creature with the sign of Chimera is not actually ‘born’ but can only be trapped here due to facing closed gates either because of bad timing or careless pursuit of unfinished business.

As the three heads of the animal suggest chimeras can be classified into three categories according to their means of transportation and attack. The certified chimera uses direct combat or viruses, the graduated chimera can ride on the wind and the advanced chimera is master of words and ideas.

Those ‘born’ under the sign of chimera have a devastating inability to look human. They often wear masks to hide their appearance. Under their bizarre and grotesque grimaces they hide a cold, cruel and vicious demeanour. Chimeras are focused, goal-oriented and know no barriers. They are predators to all in opposition, only their own point of view counts. Inflexibility and stubbornness is a predominant characteristic of this sign. Their true spirit is to destroy and they are excellent winners. They all prefer to live in the dark.

The male as well as the female chimera is initiative, dominant, dissatisfied, morbid and sober. Sexually they are compatible with all other signs of the zodiac. They are equally attracted to carnal lust as to intellectual games. Chaos is their play-ground.

Element: poison

Ruled by: black holes

Symbol: chimera

Life pursuit: to kill

Vibration: achievement

Other chimeras:



Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington



Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night









if i could i would

if I could I would

trick or treat

but since those times are gone

I refer you to someone who still does it real good ::

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from the depth of wordpress’ pages

I present


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12 Oct 2012

Halloweens, 2004-2011

Posted in Outfit by Amelia Foxtrot

3 old-fashioned-way. org

unfortunately this bloggers halloween entries conclude with words like

“2011 – Windup Doll. What in the world was this costume?!”…….

a must-check-out what kind of masks this Queen of Halloween wore between 04-11.

i wish she was still around

0 0s2mvy3Jask Skeleton #01

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picture credits: hauntedHouseTexas; old-fashioned-way; samuele_silva,wendyland.

follow the link here to read what kind of MASK other blogger would wear for halloween

Nobody talks to me

paranormalfact.wikia com

It’s nearly a year now that I am dead. I have not spoken to anyone in all that time. Not because I’m not trying. Either people don’t hear me or if they do, they run away. They are scared, call me a ‘ghost’ and the places we meet ‘haunted’.

Lucky for me I lived on the Isle of Mann where many a good folks passed down their old knowledge and traditions, are aware of the dilemma a departed soul faces and know that we can’t really pass over until after ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ and ‘All Saint’s Day’ on the last day of ‘Allhallowtide’ called ‘All Souls Day’.


On ‘All Souls Day’ the gates between the worlds are open and for one day the soul of the ones passed over can revisit their homes. Some kind folks light candles for the souls to find their way and then find to be welcomed with places set for them at the dinner table or next to the fireplace. Sometimes they find bowls of milk and cakes and hear the church bells ring in their memory.

Often bond fires are lit and prayers are offered for the souls of the dead. Later in the evening people play games and rituals intended to divine one’s future, often regarding death and marriage. Nuts and apples were used in the olden times but today we see more often cards or stones and we do our best to send them messages but it’s not as if we can have a communication.

For many however this is a sad day. Especially if the souls have relatives and friends who have a bad conscience and imagine the dead come back for revenge. Those folks dress up in hideous costumes and masks to disguise their identity.


Very rarely do people dress up to represent a spirit from the other world. In earlier times the pumpkins, the jack-o-lanterns, were meant to represent us but in most parts of the world this tradition is celebrated only for fun. Not many spare us an extra thought let alone speak to us.

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Counting Voices. A lively group discussion, an intimate tête-à-tête, an inner monologue — in your view, when it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people?

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A Nightmare

Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done
10 minutes. You and your keyboard. No pauses, no edits, no looking back: it’s free-write time!

My first ever attempt to write 10 minutes, like dictated above, in a foreign language and I feel nervous. can I do this? I will make an attempt to recapture what I have been learning about Halloween and Jack Skellington from the movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas”. For all Americans this must be an old hat but it might hold some news to members from other countries.

Jack_Skellington_by_gph_artist.deviantart com

This is the first year, the first time, that I am giving Halloween some more thoughts. I set off to read an article about Halloween and somehow landed at descriptions of Jack Skellington.

Jack is a dressed up skeleton who can remove body parts without being harmed. Other times he is depicted as a scare crow. He has a girlfriend named Sally who is a rag-doll and the only character who seems to understand Jack and his behavior.

He also has a dog called Zero. Zero’s nose glows like a jack-o-lantern. This prompted me to rename my dog Zero for the Halloween season. I asked her if she likes the name Zero for a little while and she wagged her tail. I take that as her consent.

Anyway, Jack is the pumpkin king of Halloween Town’s Halloween celebration and he is bored with the repetitious pattern the way it’s held. Somehow he visits Christmas town and is inspired but does not get the proper Christmas spirit.

I haven’t seen the movie, but all seems to go haywire and I imagine he mimics Santa only in scaring children.

luminous-light14.deviantart com

oops, my 10 minutes are up. There was no time to mention, that at the end he is together with Sally. He does not manage to say the words ‘I love you’ but manages ‘dear friend’. He must love her though because, apparently, Santa visits him a few years later and he gets to meet quite a number of skeleton kids. I can’t wait to watch this movie!

geektyrant com

images: gph_artist.deviantart.com; luminous-light14.deviantart.com; geektyrant.com.

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