Hidden and Forbidden

I am a researcher of the cosmos with a main interest in a new astrological sign of the zodiac I have discovered. Therefore I shall not create a new sign based on myself but submit my conclusions of this new star-sign from a hidden part of our imaginary belt of zodiacs in the starry firmament.

The Chimera

1 mythology.wikia conm

The chimera is a unique and elusive constellation in our circle of zodiac and can be found hiding behind any of the astrological constellations. Only entities ‘born’ either on February 30, the rarest possibility; October 31, Halloween; or during the seventh lunar month, especially during the Hungry Ghost Festival, can be found to live under this celestial pattern. During these rare occasions the gates of hell are open for wild spooky creatures to haunt earth.

A creature with the sign of Chimera is not actually ‘born’ but can only be trapped here due to facing closed gates either because of bad timing or careless pursuit of unfinished business.

As the three heads of the animal suggest chimeras can be classified into three categories according to their means of transportation and attack. The certified chimera uses direct combat or viruses, the graduated chimera can ride on the wind and the advanced chimera is master of words and ideas.

Those ‘born’ under the sign of chimera have a devastating inability to look human. They often wear masks to hide their appearance. Under their bizarre and grotesque grimaces they hide a cold, cruel and vicious demeanour. Chimeras are focused, goal-oriented and know no barriers. They are predators to all in opposition, only their own point of view counts. Inflexibility and stubbornness is a predominant characteristic of this sign. Their true spirit is to destroy and they are excellent winners. They all prefer to live in the dark.

The male as well as the female chimera is initiative, dominant, dissatisfied, morbid and sober. Sexually they are compatible with all other signs of the zodiac. They are equally attracted to carnal lust as to intellectual games. Chaos is their play-ground.

Element: poison

Ruled by: black holes

Symbol: chimera

Life pursuit: to kill

Vibration: achievement

Other chimeras:



Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington



Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night










a rainbow




where rainbows end

is where I will dance

with you

holding hands


into an eternity

of love


image: myPress


see here which one coloured object other people would keep


if i could i would

if I could I would

trick or treat

but since those times are gone

I refer you to someone who still does it real good ::

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from the depth of wordpress’ pages

I present


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12 Oct 2012

Halloweens, 2004-2011

Posted in Outfit by Amelia Foxtrot

3 old-fashioned-way. org

unfortunately this bloggers halloween entries conclude with words like

“2011 – Windup Doll. What in the world was this costume?!”…….

a must-check-out what kind of masks this Queen of Halloween wore between 04-11.

i wish she was still around

0 0s2mvy3Jask Skeleton #01

0 0s2mvy3

picture credits: hauntedHouseTexas; old-fashioned-way; samuele_silva,wendyland.

follow the link here to read what kind of MASK other blogger would wear for halloween

Precious Life


give me my breath

precious breath


it’s o.k.

you don’t have to

think about it

let go

and breathe

turn your back

and walk away

it’s in the past

can’t come back

don’t come back


it’s o.k.

precious peace


calm down

give me my flowers

precious flowers

smell the roses

feel the sun

no need to

bring it up

it won’t come back

don’t come back


it’s o.k.

i’m with you

it’s o.k.

to have been burned out

i’m here

right here

precious life


I never thought I would survive

It happened on many occasions since my birth that I thought I am very finite. Actually I’m surprised that I am still alive. But with every resurrection I believe more and more that I am immortal.

Today you would call me a luxury Beaux-Arts palace although I was born in 1816 and you would not always have called me that.

4 early view, source Library of Congress

Not always was I as luxurious as I am now. As a matter of fact I was born, on 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington DC, as six small houses by an architect called Tayloe and only a part of me served then as a hotel which changed names often in those early days of my existence. They were tough years for me. I hardly reached the young age of 30 when my structures were in bad need of repair and I wondered for the first time about my mortality and faced my first death.

Lucky for me Tayloe and his family were rather dissatisfied with me and in 1847 I was rebuilt by an energetic entrepreneur named Willard.

5 1860 willard's

Willard expanded me from 40 to 150 rooms with elegant dining rooms, parlors, large halls and wide staircases and I was called Willard’s Hotel.

By 1861 I feared for my life again when a fire broke out in the tailor shop next door and threatened to suffocate me because the Washington City firemen were nowhere to be found.


I received further extensive renovations after that. I turned out that grand that in 1864 the Willard brothers made me their own.

6 ball

My frivolous years were numbered again and I fell from the height of fashion and prestige and grew that outdated that by 1897 I suffered another serious near death experience. One of my owners refused to spend money on me for many years. A disaster that was only solved after his death. By then they had to tear me down completely – I thought I will die – but they rebuilt me better than ever and I received the reputation to be the first skyscraper in Washington. My doors were opened again for business in 1901.

7 willard

1922 I received yet another blow to my existence. A fire broke out on the top-floor ballroom after an annual banquet.

8 Willard_Hotel_-_rise, fall, rebirth

Lucky again the damage from this fire could be cleaned up and the ballroom was rebuilt. My saga continued for another few years, I never felt as immortal as then.

In 1934 I had air-conditioning installed and in 1937 even bathrooms added to every room. The years during the war seemed to do me good, that good actually that my owners sold me in 1946. This however turned out to be another turning point towards ruin. By 1950 I was called an ‘old man’ rather than a ‘grand dame’. By 1964 I was very run down and struggled again with my mortality. I knew my days were numbered and in 1968 my doors were shut without notice – the worst was to come.

Terrible things happened to me in the following decade. My interior was sold at auctions and I was stripped. I truly thought this is my end. My owners even tried to win the right to tear me down.

9 stripped

And again I was lucky. In 1974 key government agencies decided to save me. More settlements had to be reached but finally in 1978 they started to spend $8mio on me, only to run out of funds with needing different financiers. Finally in 1984 my first-class restoration was under way and I was reopened in 1986 to much critical acclaim.

10 willard-intercontinental

Now I am a 14 story single complex with many de luxe guest and huge function rooms. I house several restaurants, the Willard Hall, the famous Round Robin Bar and the Peacock Alley with many shops.

11 willard-intercontineuzntal

My name is Willard Intercontinental and because I stand two blocks away from the White House I always had enjoyed the most flamboyant of guests from Presidents to Senators, Movie makers and actors, composers of music and literature, corporate grands and many more holding conferences, balls, events or just relaxing.

12 willard_intercontinental_washington_01

Again I feel extraordinarily strong and absolutely immortal. Except for expecting the extraordinary as my history has taught me. My history, as a matter of fact, is that interesting that I recommend you to read more about me.

5 washington-district-of-columbia-103418-2

One Joyous Event

lovely pumpkin

What a lovely and joyous event admidst the spooky time of Halloween ! In the last few weeks I was nominated three times by the following dear bloggers for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award ::



Linda Rooney

First I must apologize that I have waited so long to accept the award properly. I am so thankful to these three bloggers and would like to continue the tradition of passing the awards around because they do help us to project attention to a diversity of many bloggers on this huge site of WordPress.


I like Linda’s comment on the ‘One Lovely Blog’ awared>>

The history of the One Lovely Blog Award is that “nominations are chosen by fellow bloggers for those newer and up-and-coming bloggers. The goal is to help give recognition and also to help the new blogger to reach more viewers. It also recognizes blogs that are considered to be “lovely” by the fellow bloggers who choose them. This award recognizes bloggers who share their story or thoughts in a beautiful manner to connect with viewers and followers” (as written by The sound of summer on 10/12/2014).


In order to “accept” the award, the nominated blogger must follow these guidelines:
* Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
* Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
* Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
* Nominate about 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.


I made my selection by observing the outer and inner charm and beauty of my nominations and again ask for understanding that the list is shorter than recommended ::








Please visit the links by my nominants as well as my nominations they are all full of interesting contributions and surprises.


7 facts about myself::

I have the best dog in the world, she can heal people and other dogs and she is a cat-whisperer also

Chocolate, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cake, hot chocolate, iced-chocolate, any sort of chocolate are very loved by me – but do not eat too much of it

I’m a bad cook. If I do not burn the food, then for sure I put too much salt on it.

I loooooove to dance – alone or do the tango with someone

I travel a lot and like to mix with other cultures (only the good habits of course)

I’ve just broken my friends coffee jug this morning, so that will bring me good luck according to the saying “shards bring luck” (Scherben bringen Glück)

One of my bad habits is that I keep forgetting other people’s birthdays


Also I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my followers and visitors for your interest in my blog, for comments and interactions and for the ‘likes’


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