impulsive beat

my heart beats

in crisp’ impulses

of flowing anxiety

needing to cool off

like the wind

burnt on hot sand



Tina in Love


we are popular enough to be eaten by those who walk and breath on land we surely don’t need to linger around them. we wouldn’t if it was not for Tina.

Tina is different to all of us, but that does not mean we do not like her as any of us others. but Tina ….., see, all our names is Tuna, Southern Bluefin Tuna to be exact, but her would like to be called Tina.

she thinks she is a mermaid.

we all love a good feed of a variety of marine animals. Tina has it in her mind to catch a marine biologist. she thinks they are the greatest thing in and around the water.

there is one in particular, who seems to chase her a lot. he might have noticed something odd about Tina so Tina imagines he is in love with her as she is in love with him. i don’t think so.

well, ok, she is a bit different. usually any of us endures around a 10 degree higher water temperature than our normal range of approximately 18 degree. Tina can do more. she can endure up to 30 to 35 degree. that gives her the ability to stay longer near by the land. and she does. i think that is why that marine biologist is interested in her. i don’t think he recognized her as being a mermaid. even if he would, he wouldn’t like her fishy breath.

Tina however is convinced he is mad about her for her beauty. yes, she is a bit different to us. her odd range of temperature gives her also the ability to dive deeper and deeper into the ocean which she does a lot. she proves to us that her scales are so shiny because she is not as dark as some of us who happened to be exposed longer to the Great Australian Bright. just as well. i think the reason this marine biologist has not caught her yet is because of her vanity. after flirting with him she always escapes to bathe again and extensively in the dark.

if we are not waiting for Tina to return from her marine biologist then we wait for Tina to return from the dark. it puts us at risk when we have to wait for Tina. as it is, those men get about 20’000 of us a year. we are at the brink of extinction.


Panna Czinka Hungarian violinist

1 Panna czinka

Panna Czinka ( 1711-1772)

Panna Cinka was a famous Hungarian violinist. Legend has it that she started playing the violin at the age of 9.

Her father was a court musician of Ference Rákoczy II, Prince of Transilvania amongst other titles and engagements who is still today considered a national hero in Hungary. Her father is said to be the componist of the Rákóczi March.

She studied music and later combined her musical talent with her brothers-in-law and her Romani musician husband. She formed a famous band and played first violin in that ensemble.

Panna was born in Sajógömör, Hungary, which today is annexed to Slovakia. She was a lyric poet musician and she still survives today lovingly called “The Gypsy Sappho” and she is celebrated by composers like Jókai, Kodály and Dózsa in their works.

Cinka Panna played by the “Bohemiens”

ETA :: “Surely Hungarian fiddle music IS gypsy music? Yet within the country you will find considerable resentment towards this stereotype, and, whilst there is much appreciation of the skill of gypsy fiddlers, it is considered to be Hungarian music, not gypsy music, and the widespread revival in folk music since the seventies has been largely non-gypsy in origin. The controversy is not a new one. (”

2 1-449a

3 lassu_ciganytanc_vajdakamaras tudasbazis.sulinet. hu

4 kkme. hu

5 maxresdefault

6 youtube com

7 ciganytanc

Cigány himnusz

8 photo

9 baranyafolk.uw. hu

Tiszafüred Táncegyüttes – Szucsági táncok


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Those Love Hearts

I’m going to have a heart attack

I’m so excited

so happy

if only I could jump higher

if only my tail would wag faster

sssh sssh


I must calm myself

lay on my back and….

no not today

today you let me be part of your post

if only I could run in circles faster

you know

I’m so proud of you

so happy

no matter what you write

I just love you

love you love you

if only my eyes would shine

as bright as the stars

ssssh ssssh


that last post you wrote

is so interesting

and I loved it

when we listened to the heart sutra

at least 15 times in a row

I felt so good

laying at your feet

your feet I would follow anywhere

and those love hearts

that’s how I feel about you

I love you I love you so much

and dinner last night

was excellent I thank you so much

I kiss your ankle

I want to jump all around you

jump up into your lap

ssssh sssssh



The Treasure Map

fusion in the heat of cold

The Treasure Map

bbc . com

Arrrrgh, what arrogance to call me when I’m playing cyber-games! Nevertheless did she activate the transmitter that her processor had used to ring.

What, she barked in her head causing the receiver at the other end to flinch in pain. But her assistant knew that his boss would love this message and bravely replied with an unmistakable you better get here quick.

Well, that’s what she was waiting for. She immediately understood and raced to her body to teleport herself to the archaeological dig-out she was operating in the no-where of never never Australia.

In no time did she arrive where her workers in still ageing dirty bodies were pressure-blasting clay downhill and exposing a row of dwellings, houses is, what they used to be called. She had known it would be an easy dig, plenty of water from the ocean not far away, the ground had…

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The Snow Leopard


……. and then my dear friend the snow leopard said: “when I was a boy living in Tibet I used to retreat to a roaring waterfall and tried to out sing it”. that’s how he trained his voice.


‘Crane Nomad Song’ and ‘Snow Lion’ by Tenzin Choegyal and the Metta String Ensemble

crane, lend us your wings so we can fly

red-heart kl

heart sutra

red animated-heart-gif-31

Second-Hand Stories

The Beautiful Barmaid

x1 lampada pumpkin

There is talk about a beautiful barmaid who used to help out in her Aunt and Uncle’s bar at the Oldman’s Ferry Inn on the Larchburry River.

When the music was good and her mood heightened by the atmosphere of laughter in the drunken air she would often leave the counter and the fridge with the cold drinks behind and mix in with the crowd and dance with the men. These escapades came to a sudden end when an unusual sickness called her to an early grave.

According to many eyewitnesses however she was seen dancing at the pub the very same night of her funeral.

Ever since then, so tell many good folks on the Larchburry River, young men had claimed to have been dancing with her on occasions when the atmosphere in the pub was filled with plenty of loud laughter and music, when the wine was flowing strong and the air was filled with thick smoke.

A frightening event occurred a few years after her death. The locals don’t like to talk about it and the memory of the beautiful barmaid is now kept a haunting secret. It happened on All Hollow’s Eve. A few young men had been decorating the Inn’s public garden with images of scary ghosts and pumpkin lanterns. When they had finished and were tipsy with wine, they demanded to dance with the barmaid who, that night, had not appeared.

Nobody could say anymore who exactly had started it but the young men came up with an ominous idea not too long before midnight. They broke the gates and entered the grounds of the cemetery and stole the headstone of the barmaid’s resting place. They carried it back to the pub and continued dancing in delirious rage.

What happened next was a matter of horror and in the Vicar’s detailed chronicles of that year the following entry can be found: “I was called to the pub by Mrs. Oldman in the middle of the night. When I arrived I assumed the devil was loose! Evil looking pumpkin lanterns were flickering in the dark and the breeze had puffed up the ghosts. A group of young drunkards had been dancing around a gravestone they had stolen from the churchyard. Then, at stroke midnight, a burning hand had appeared. The burning hand kept pointing at each of the loiterers one by one and then pointed into the distance. The frightened souls were whimpering and sobbing with tears in their eyes believing themselves to be doomed to die. I had to shout to be heard and ordered them to return the stone immediately. The burning hand followed them. As soon as the headstone was placed in its original socket the burning hand disappeared.”

Still today on Halloween ghosts ride the wind, pumpkin eyes glow to scare and eerie shrieks are heard at the Oldman’s Ferry Inn and no local would leave their house to wander the dark night. The barmaid has never been seen again.


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