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Those Love Hearts

I’m going to have a heart attack

I’m so excited

so happy

if only I could jump higher

if only my tail would wag faster

sssh sssh


I must calm myself

lay on my back and….

no not today

today you let me be part of your post

if only I could run in circles faster

you know

I’m so proud of you

so happy

no matter what you write

I just love you

love you love you

if only my eyes would shine

as bright as the stars

ssssh ssssh


that last post you wrote

is so interesting

and I loved it

when we listened to the heart sutra

at least 15 times in a row

I felt so good

laying at your feet

your feet I would follow anywhere

and those love hearts

that’s how I feel about you

I love you I love you so much

and dinner last night

was excellent I thank you so much

I kiss your ankle

I want to jump all around you

jump up into your lap

ssssh sssssh




Black Orchids

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Autumn Violin


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