The Treasure Map

fusion in the heat of cold

The Treasure Map

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Arrrrgh, what arrogance to call me when I’m playing cyber-games! Nevertheless did she activate the transmitter that her processor had used to ring.

What, she barked in her head causing the receiver at the other end to flinch in pain. But her assistant knew that his boss would love this message and bravely replied with an unmistakable you better get here quick.

Well, that’s what she was waiting for. She immediately understood and raced to her body to teleport herself to the archaeological dig-out she was operating in the no-where of never never Australia.

In no time did she arrive where her workers in still ageing dirty bodies were pressure-blasting clay downhill and exposing a row of dwellings, houses is, what they used to be called. She had known it would be an easy dig, plenty of water from the ocean not far away, the ground had…

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