Nobody talks to me

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It’s nearly a year now that I am dead. I have not spoken to anyone in all that time. Not because I’m not trying. Either people don’t hear me or if they do, they run away. They are scared, call me a ‘ghost’ and the places we meet ‘haunted’.

Lucky for me I lived on the Isle of Mann where many a good folks passed down their old knowledge and traditions, are aware of the dilemma a departed soul faces and know that we can’t really pass over until after ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ and ‘All Saint’s Day’ on the last day of ‘Allhallowtide’ called ‘All Souls Day’.

On ‘All Souls Day’ the gates between the worlds are open and for one day the soul of the ones passed over can revisit their homes. Some kind folks light candles for the souls to find their way and then find to be welcomed with places set for them at the dinner table or next to the fireplace. Sometimes they find bowls of milk and cakes and hear the church bells ring in their memory.

Often bond fires are lit and prayers are offered for the souls of the dead. Later in the evening people play games and rituals intended to divine one’s future, often regarding death and marriage. Nuts and apples were used in the olden times but today we see more often cards or stones and we do our best to send them messages but it’s not as if we can have a communication.

For many however this is a sad day. Especially if the souls have relatives and friends who have a bad conscience and imagine the dead come back for revenge. Those folks dress up in hideous costumes and masks to disguise their identity.

Very rarely do people dress up to represent a spirit from the other world. In earlier times the pumpkins, the jack-o-lanterns, were meant to represent us but in most parts of the world this tradition is celebrated only for fun. Not many spare us an extra thought let alone speak to us.

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