mother said NO

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dear diary

was late for the school buss. had to walk through town to get home.

saw a time maschine at the jeweller’s. a watch. the jeweller said i can buy it on lay-by and he will keep it untill i payed it off. So cool.

worked it out. can pay back in no time from the money i get working at domino’s twice a week after school. was very ecsited.

told mom about it. i would only do a few years into the future. like only 15 years. i can’t stand the idea of doing the exams next year. also have heard bad news about uni. i’m terrified of having sex for the first time (all friends already done it). and giving birth – no thanks. i’d rather have divorce behind me and the kids on there way. i can’t wait to be adult so i can do what i want.

mom said NO. explayned her about the only 15 years etc. etc. but she said NO!

had to tell the jeweller. i hate it, i hate it, i hate it.

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