Artificial Lifeform

having been very new and puzzled when i started on WordPress only just a few weeks ago, i opened 2 blogs for two different ideas i was going to pursue. that has changed now since nothing is as i had imagined. that’s alright. but now i am that absorbed in this blog for the time being and wish the other one to rest in peace. before i do that i would like to transfer a story from there to here.

it was written in response to a Daily Prompt on ‘Soulful Machines; Machines, appliances, and gadgets sometimes feel like they have their own personalities — from quirky cars to dignified food processors. What’s the most “human” machine you own?’

Artificial Lifeform


1megan reed deusex. wikia

who had spent all day advancing applications of cybernetic augmentations arrived back home and was not going to do anything but open her computer and enjoy herself for a while, maybe checking out the newest fashion. Mainly she wished to take her mind off Adam for a long time.

1 3931555-1940682668-30703

Megan did not wanted to think about anything much engaging at all for that matter. Just relax.

She let herself fall onto the lounge and reached for her laptop. And that was it. She was so tired that it took no time and her comfort zone already set the stage for reverie.

Yeah, there used to be a time before artificial lifeforms and computers in her life. Megan could still feel her surroundings at that time in France. She was younger then, living alone and she remembered so clearly when she used to tell her French acquaintances discussing matters of family and friends: I have a great family, its me, my car and my lawnmower.

The lawnmower then was a new addition to the family since Megan had moved into this little cottage beyond the edge of the city close to the alps. Until then, it used to be her and her car. That’s what city life and a career were all about, and the car was her best companion.

1 deusex.wikia

The lawnmower was tops, for a long time. so much freedom she would gain. More time to consider work and chasing boyfriends. Oh noh, she reflected, all the time I forgot to honour the washing machine! What would I ever have done without the washing machine!

Megan gave her superimposed kitchen a quick glance and saw her neglected toaster. An archaic piece that should have been saved for a museum. The stove was nearly as old. But other than that, there were not many gadgets in her life.

Oh, she lay deeper into the pillows and threw a quick glance over to Adam’s photograph.

1 deviantart com

She secretly wished Adam to be part of her family. But for now, it was the computer. And the printer, not to forget. Of course there was still the car and the lawnmower. There was also a boat now! No toaster anymore, though. These are all good friends of mine, Megan judged, and suddenly remembered her best old friend of all times: the sewing machine !

Apart from her father’s car and his watch, the Singer which her mother had bought after her fourth child, was Megan’s first and best friend from the world of machinery. Like a good good friend the sewing machine never left Megan’s side. Still today it would be somewhere in a dusty corner, hopefully ready to take up services again.

2 lolbot-sewing-machine


A-bicycle-with-a-sewing-machine_ memecenter. com

Bickford3 angoravalley com

chicagonow. com

collectorsweekly com

comangoravalley sock machine

cona 2e28200422355c6cffc17d57bc2ca1f6

cool-mermaid- themetapicture com

emblibrary. com

Gilbert Stuart's Mrs. Richard Bean funnypicturesandjokes. com



p rest


sktripadvisor. com

time-machines- flavorwire. com


Oops, Megan thought, that second last picture, that is a time machine. The only other machine I would like to befriend.

v openthefuture com

the   e n d

picture sources:,,,,,,, printerest,,,


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