a little story of love



i have a friend and she is so beautiful. i meet her every sunrise. every sunrise we worship the sun, the world and her light and we ask her to spread mercy over the land.

she doesn’t always know that i am there because i am so tiny. i am a sun particle. but she is always there.

this morning she mesmerized me. she was so elegant. she wore a turquoise dress and she had a silver comb in her black hair and a yellow scarf with diamond studs over her shoulder. her eyes were shining as if the mighty night star was still reflecting himself in them. as she looked into the sunrise i made her sneeze. twice. i make her sneeze a lot because i adore her and she is so beautiful.

she is a very important doctor so i kiss her hands for success. sometimes i touch her lips with my smile to carry it on and other times i tickle her throat for strong words.

because i am very insignificant, especially compared with my stunning friend, i die a lot but i get reborn again soon and always remember her. because once i think she noticed me. she took her time before taking her leave and she looked at me, as if she also would see me and said you are beautiful.

that made me sneeze. twice.

♥ ♥ ♥


the picture of jama masjid in india was taken @nationalgeographic

inspiration to this story is credited to ‘that’s absurd’ weekly writing challange


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