why not have it all

Next in Line

Given the choice, would you rather be heir to the throne, or the (probably) off-the-hook sibling?


its not so much a question of whether i would like to be heir to the throne – that chance was taken care by the communists. no more such thing. painful to see all our gold and marveling tourists in St Petersburg plastered with foreign goods.

the question is, or rather was, why did he stay heir to the throne. he was not suited to it. he was way too extravagant with his refined and exotic taste to fulfill the daily duties whereas his younger brother was perfect in the role. the main reason for staying was his culture minded mother, the dragon.


dragonspace.co. uk


she would not lose face at home, nor in the business world nor at the black jack table. everybody knew who her first born was. and it wasn’t the attentive one, who served her well. no, it was the flamboyant one living in the fast lane, always spending too much money, always driving revved up cars, wearing new omegas and smoking romeo y julieta on special occasions.


romeo-y-julieta absolutecigars . com


the dragon seemed not to care. although she had to be seen with this twist in the family, at least she had two sons at her demand. but she was determined not to be caught losing the traditional games. never mind their constant arguments and swearing, what is the well being of anybody worth compared to the tradition that she had to reinforce. that was her duty.

the little spare time he had he spent with me. he loved me. and she hated me.

he was in a terrible mess. he developed every trick on earth to sabotage the dragon. he turned into a brainless blob under her demands yet worked hard at keeping the appearance. wasn’t too bad to receive homage from the bystanders even if it was pretended. they had to pretend. that was their duty.

so he managed to keep things in their boxes. i guess he deserves his throne. but i called him a coward and left.


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 pics:: heartifb.com, dragonspace.co.uk, absolutecigars .com


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