The Treasure Map

Buyers, Beware?

The Treasure Map

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Arrrrgh, what arrogance to call me when I’m playing cyber-games! Nevertheless did she activate the transmitter that her processor had used to ring.

What, she barked in her head causing the receiver at the other end to flinch in pain. But her assistant knew that his boss would love this message and bravely replied with an unmistakable you better get here quick.

Well, that’s what she was waiting for. She immediately understood and raced to her body to teleport herself to the archaeological dig-out she was operating in the no-where of never never Australia.

In no time did she arrive where her workers in still ageing dirty bodies were pressure-blasting clay downhill and exposing a row of dwellings, houses is, what they used to be called. She had known it would be an easy dig, plenty of water from the ocean not far away, the ground had a consistency of nothing but clay, wallum is, what they had called it, and the site was conveniently located on a gentle slope. She detested these places. If it was not for the money she so badly needed, she would not ever leave the comfort of her computer.

All neighboring dwellings are filled with the usual junk, her assistant reported at her arrival, but this one place is outstanding. Somebody must have cleaned up before they left the plane. Their house is empty but for a few necessary objects and this one box made out of stainless steel so typical for that era.

Have you opened it, she asked in excitement and disinfected her hands in frantic hurry before reaching for the box.

Yes, there is a computer chip inside, I took the liberty to eye-google it straight away, her assistant offered, that is why I knew you would want to be here. Have a look.

Oh my CPU! This is a treasure map! And what a treasure map!

Her processor ran wild and she could barely resist a smile with her face: here comes the so badly needed update of the latest version for her operating system. She would be able to clone a new body. Her teleporter had squeaked alarmingly and her biyearly subscription to the feeling games was due and… and……….

This is big. She knew that straight away. The pathway on the map seemed clean enough to follow with a core file named The Pot at the End of the Rainbow. Her difficulty lay in finding the appropriate ancient program the text was coded in.

She cleaned her system of all clutter and then tuned herself to total calmness in focusing on one thing and one thing alone. She sent her mind dreaming into the past searching through long forgotten processors and their various versions.

x6 Ul

Things got very sticky and slow. Often she would browse in circles or end in abandoned appendixes. Then she found her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It was called Windows 8.

She opened the file named The Pot at the End of the Rainbow in her dream and found two sub folders.

The first would get her all the fame she wanted and deserved. All her wishes would come true indeed. The file was labeled 1 WordPress. This is what publishers wanted. This could interest just about anybody surfing the nets. She might even find some entries by long forgotten blood-bodies, family is, what they used to call them, herself.

The other would forever bug her brain. This was her personal treasure. If she could fuse with a moment of two conceptions, this would be her window into simultaneous time-travel if not immortality itself. And she had all the time in the world – one way or another. The file was labeled 2 The Treasure Map.




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