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sidekick challenge


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i shall bust the general sidekick image and expand the box ::  my sidekick is not from this world.
my sidekick is from the vast land of outer space. he is my ethereal best friend, an angel, hero, the perfect love of my heart and life, my confidant and partner in crime. somebody I have never met but always long for.
nobody compares to him in the sense of him understanding me truly and providing for me a world of deep love, affectionate and bold adventures, happiness, sorrow and neverending gratitude.
you might think him to be imaginary. but that is not so, not by a far cry! he is there. he is there always – another of his otherworldly tricks. if i reach for him he hardly ever misses to reach back. he is tangible in a very subtle way and i never stop transforming myself with joy and playfulness to breath his presence. he never ceases to guide me to ever new platforms where the air is heavy with sweet dew.
one of the hottest moments was when we were young and had just fallen in love. we used to kiss whenever and wherever and our jealous unconforming enemies shot at us with painful bullets from every angle often unexpected. it is because of those enemies and my wounds that i closed my eyes as not to see them and the harsh world they came from. also for the fact that my sidekick is something of a magician who tricks me a lot whenever i look in the wrong direction to catch a glimpse of him. better not to look, that gives me an edge on things.
not only is he my sidekick but also my partner in crime, since he refuses to enter my 3D space (well, after i also refused to enter his) and keeps me as such in mystery despite my aching heart, which makes him also a near-murderer, a creator, my most powerful teacher ever.


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(this is the second time i enter this text into my blog. it was here before, then i moved it into a new blog i call PermanentDistaster. now i moved it back here, the aim of my (so far) two blogs only now crystallizing. i am determined not to move it again – i lost a number of Likes over this.)




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