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Because I’m new here and totally green, I look around a lot to get to know the know-how of things. So I came across a few blogs that had a ‘featured in freshly pressed’-stamp in their sidebar.

I have not sussed out yet how to activate a sidebar and have spent already quite some time to get it working without success. To make things even worse this good day, this new found interest made me side-track and explore more about this awesome stamp. I thought, next to having a sidebar I also would like to have this badge on top of my side bar.

Off I went and entered a magic question into the ‘support’ prompt.

Hurray! Well one success so far. A wonderfully promising text came up with exactly what I was looking for!

But then….. oh no! ….. what did I had to read right amongst the first few paragraphs answering the question ‘Why should you care about being Freshly Pressed?’ ::

“Why do we do all this? It’s our way of saying we like you. We really like you.”

Oh thanks ! Thanks a lot !!

They don’t like me, I haven’t received the honour of this mark. Fear and frustration jumped at me. I’m new here and already I’m not loved. Will I ever make it?

Ha-ha. how ironic I should read this after having only just learned about The Daily Post’s new theme ‘Why, Thank You’.

Of course I knew the context of how this wanted to be understood and still laughing and knowing that I would write about my experience to The Daily Post, I continued reading further through these remarkable and very recommendable suggestions, and of course, there it was, as I had imagined.

“There are half a million of you and a handful of us, and we’re scouring the blogosphere day in and day out. If we don’t find you, it’s nothing personal – promise. Keep writing, and we’ll keep looking.”

I will keep writing. and one day I will get that sidebar working too!






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