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Thanks! Thanks a lot! – why-thank-you


Because I’m new here and totally green, I look around a lot to get to know the know-how of things. So I came across a few blogs that had a ‘featured in freshly pressed’-stamp in their sidebar.

I have not sussed out yet how to activate a sidebar and have spent already quite some time to get it working without success. To make things even worse this good day, this new found interest made me side-track and explore more about this awesome stamp. I thought, next to having a sidebar I also would like to have this badge on top of my side bar.

Off I went and entered a magic question into the ‘support’ prompt.

Hurray! Well one success so far. A wonderfully promising text came up with exactly what I was looking for!

But then….. oh no! ….. what did I had to read right amongst the first few paragraphs answering the question ‘Why should you care about being Freshly Pressed?’ ::

“Why do we do all this? It’s our way of saying we like you. We really like you.”

Oh thanks ! Thanks a lot !!

They don’t like me, I haven’t received the honour of this mark. Fear and frustration jumped at me. I’m new here and already I’m not loved. Will I ever make it?

Ha-ha. how ironic I should read this after having only just learned about The Daily Post’s new theme ‘Why, Thank You’.

Of course I knew the context of how this wanted to be understood and still laughing and knowing that I would write about my experience to The Daily Post, I continued reading further through these remarkable and very recommendable suggestions, and of course, there it was, as I had imagined.

“There are half a million of you and a handful of us, and we’re scouring the blogosphere day in and day out. If we don’t find you, it’s nothing personal – promise. Keep writing, and we’ll keep looking.”

I will keep writing. and one day I will get that sidebar working too!






The Light From The Sky



last night (– or was it the night before?)

I grazed outside under the dark sky

under the cloudy milky way

and billions of stars,

my toes were entangled

with a patch of mossy grass


all of a sudden

a mighty sparkling light

flew directly into my inner world


it had a message

with no words nor sounds

but left me with a feeling

of rich acknowledgment

and love




a german fairy tale collected by the Gebrüder Grimm

as it was passed down to me (retelling it in my translation and abbreviated form)

once upon a time there was a little girl who’s mother and father had died

the little girl was very poor

it had not even a room to live in

nor a bed to sleep in

it only had the dress it wore

and a piece of bread a kind soul had spared

but the little girl war pious and good

she felt that forsaken by all the world

it left to wander out into the fields of the world

trusting only god in its heart

the little girl came across a poor man

who said

please give me something to eat I’m so terribly hungry

the little girl gave him her last piece of bread

and said

with god’s blessings to you

and continued on her path

where she met a whining child

wailing bitterly

I am so cold, I have nothing to wear

so the little girl gave her coat and cap

and was left only with her thin little dress

finally she reached the forest by nightfall


low and behold

an other poor creature appeared and asked for her dress

now it is dark and no one can see me

I might as well give my dress

the little girl said and took off her last

to give away

and as the little girl stood there

with nothing left of her own

all of a sudden

the stars fell from heaven

and they all were pure golden coins

and made out of finest linen

she was fitted with a dress again

the little girl collected all the coins

into the pouch of her dress

and was rich for the rest of her life




featuring here a beautiful poem from the pages of WordPress

by “A Curious Mind”

KA from acuriousmind



daily challenge :: grand slam zingers



the perfect reply – ten minutes too late ??


more like 2 days too late, or even 2 weeks sometimes.


and never perfect.


I am not a grand slam at zingers obviously.


but then again, I am a grand slam at learning to know myself !


a grand slam in reflecting.




grand slam zinger

I trust in the existence of a beautiful world – a poem


I trust in the existence of a beautiful world


on a silver night’s dream

jasmin-scented and velvet

feelings of a gentle breeze caress the moon

and fairies beckon me with their pairs of wings


fairy wings


silvery leaves hum sweet melodies

and the song of insects talk of affection

earthly silence surrounds this glistening bliss

it is peaceful and serene


in this stary night of brilliant rapture

all I hear is the language of true eternal love

pojected not by words but by mesmerizing sounds

played with the filaments of hearts themselves


as soon as my soul may be complete and filled

with plenty of this luscious shining beauty

I would be free to continue home

with a ray of this light in my own affluent heart


this light given to me as a keepsake

by miraculous fairies with quivering wings

telling me to pass on what I myself cannot keep

so other’s hearts may also beam with this special light of love


I hide this light into my smile

and that is how I pass it on

let others feel the love of pure nights

sending their delightful dream


and that is how this enchanting light

will reach your heart

that is when you too can touch it

shining and reflected on the face of other’s


very free translation and adaptation of an idea after a poem by Természetes Gyógymódok

aspect 2 – brassavola cucullata orchideen



especially in these times of violence there is one thing that has to be understood ::

a problem cannot be solved on the level of its creation


consider the method of fight very carefully

fighting violence with violence generates more violence

fighting unlove with unlove creates even less love


i would get myself trained as peace mediator but that is my way. what is yours ?


live to cooperate – cooperate to live

aspect – 1


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